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A design means finished when someone use it.

Brenda Laurel
Till the early '50s, all the frames were making by highly skilled craftsmen. We followed our ancestors' production skills combining with new age technology and trends. Nors’ customizing options and variety of alternatives will impress you deeply.
Frames, cases, accessories... entirely...everything is handmade and produced very delicately, Nors will always serve you best quality with its sophisticated designs and LIFE TIME GUARANTEE


"There is just one value in art: Things that you could not explain."

Georges Braque

Nors is the world first Tailor Made Eyewear. Dream that you can modify an eyewear with your personal taste instead of forcing yourself to use a ready design. All other brand mechanism are build on pushing you to buy their standardized products. As being your eyewear tailor Nors, we let you to rule us. We break the rules. Our atelier will be working as your personal eyewear tailor.
24 Karat Gold Plating will care your skin and aura. Also, we will take care of your eyes with best technological lenses by Nikon. You will be receiving all those services with a special handmade wooden box, leather hard case, microfiber soft case, "10 Years Guarantee" and "24 Karat Gold" certificates issued to your name.

When I said ugly I do not mean it is not beautiful.

Remm Kollhass

Are you looking for differentiated frames? That’s why we are here. Through the centuries personalized designs were always owned by over-rich or extraordinary people, but for us all our clients are valuable and extra special. Ready designs make you fashion slaves. New age starting with Nors.
Select your frame type, temple decoration, frame color, lens color , lens type, nose pads, lens technology or any part of eyewear. Create your dream with your own measures and taste. And finalize with your sign or special note.

Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your taste freely.

Adama Amanda Ndiaye

As known nobody have symmetry in left and right half. Consider how much the measurements differ from each other even when there are no symmetries in our own body. That’s why for a perfect fitting tailoring is needed.
Everything will be tailored per your taste and style with our high-quality production. Be ready for best part? … You will have lifetime guarantee for tailor made frames.

Fashion is about Suspense, Surprise & Fantasy. It is not about Rules.

Wolfgang Joop

How Tailoring Works? Measure your face by the help of our user-friendly methodology. Share your measurements together with your picture. Detail your frame type. Pick one of our models. “Nikon Lens” if preferred. Detail your personal note, we will laser engrave inside of temple.
After detailed your needs, your project production journey starts in our safe hands. You will be receiving an order demonstration and consultancy email within 1 week. We will be discussing your needs, till we get your final confirmation. Delivery will be approximately within 3 months.

Fashion is about someting that comes from you with in something.

Ralph Lauren

Eyewear is magical make up for catwalks. We offer you to design for your special events.
We are dreamers cause we are limitless. Everthing is possible with Nors...

Why We Are?

We’re Creative

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein. “Imagination is the milestone of creativity” Nors. The perfect technological production is meaningless without dreamers. As we are craftsmen we are naturally dreamers, and perfected our skills by implementing new age technologies into our production processes

We’re Punctual

Nors is not just an eyewear, it is your dream, your own creation made with passion. We believe you will be very excited have it and how impatient to wear it We assure you that deliveries will always be on time because we want you to experience it as soon as possible.

We have magic

We make dreams real with our secret formula. Your taste , a pinch of advise, technology, Nors essence and abra cadabra :)

We love minimalism

Nors will stop you to make unnecessary spending. Tailorization help you to get what you really needed. Nors is refining of utilitarian purity into a kind of splendiferous native simplicity.

We’re responsible

We will always stand by you with our lifetime guarantee and after sales service.

We're Friendly

We will always stand by you with our lifetime guarantee and after sales service.

What people say?

It is unbelievable I was surprised when I received my product. It was over than I expect. Fitting is perfect , very sytlish and light. Thansk to Nors family!

Julia Newton

What people say?

I am impressed , all is same as you see in web site , and even better. When I saw my sign on frame I felt so splendid.

Igor Kresicki

What people say?

With the lens quality of Nors , I realized how a sunglass needs to be. After using my sunglass , I ask Nors is there any way to use it while cycling. Because lens quality is impressive, i am a professional cyclist and need to use it while cycling. They said that they did not did it before but they will find a solution,and they really did. Nors team you are really my friend.

Victor Uzan

Latest News

Nors Eyewear | 4 April
We are happy to announce that Nors will be in “Kickstarter” from April to July , awaiting your support and thanks in advance.
Nors Eyewear | 4 April
It is also great pleasure to share that we will be in “Indiegogo” too , from April to July, thanks heartily in advance for your support. .
Nors Eyewear | 5 April
Get ready for our collection , “New Generation” . It has full of surprises , coming soon!.
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