In Norse mythology, Bestla is the mother of Odin. She known as formidable but gracious queen who gave birth to the whole Norse pantheon This familiar phantos shape is mother and milestone of eyewear designs. We loved to inscribe this timeless design to this half giant , dazzling , precious queen “Bestla”
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Timeless, sophisticated design. Slightly over sized and extremely gracious and royal.

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Main Specifications

fRAME: 24K Gold Plated, Titanium, Durable and Lightweight

LENSES: HD Polarized, Hydrophobic and AR Coated Lenses, Perfect Sight, Resistance to Dust, Fog, Scratch and Grease

Accessories: Handmade wooden box, Leather Hard case , Microfiber Soft Case, Microfiber Wiping Cloth

Personal Note: Laser engraved note inside of temple. Length can be up to 18 character. Font size and type will modify accordingly

Special treatments: TAILORIZING AND NIKON LENS are optional. Needed to specify as add on

Tailorizing: Customizing frames specifically with your face measures, Consultancy to develop best frame for you, in line with your lifestyle, eyewear needs and expectations. Some tailoring details: frame shape, temple shape, frame material, frame color , special lens treatments , lens color, pattern or  decoration on frame, if preferred jewellarizing, 3D demonstration

Nikon Lens: All coatings are available, you can specify as any or all

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