Lens Coating Specifications
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Nikon known well with its high quality cameras and lenses. If you prefer , you may have all above lens specifications by Nikon technology and motto. 

Very well known eyewear brands do not serve you with expected lens quality. Nors is a real luxury brand assures that you will have the best lens technology without any exception

The polarization filter helps eliminate unwanted reflections that create glaring conditions. 
HD Polarization block the effects of glare by allowing only vertical light to pass, offering better visibility.

Helps run-off of water drops from the lens surface, tension between the water and the hydrophobic surface is lower. This means if any droplets get on a hydrophobic lens they are more likely to run off the lens than a normal sunglass lens. This is a definite benefit in the rain, watersport activities , or sweating on to lens . 

Also protective for Salt Water . In a hot summer, eyewears expose perspiration nearly every minutes. This is a definite benefit in high performance sports and outdoor activities.

Scratch-resistant coating have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching, whether from dropping your glasses on the floor or occasionally cleaning them with a paper towel frequently for years. A stronger anti-friction ability ensures more endurance and longer life span.

Controls the generation of static electricity, which typically occurs when wiping a lens. This helps keep dust and pollen away, and makes it easier to wipe the lens, adding greater comfort to the lens’ usability.

Makes it easier to wipe off sebum, fingerprints, oil film, cosmetics, and other substances that may cause dirt to form on a lens.

Prevents lenses from fogging when exposed to a large temperature difference If you live in a cold climate, nothing is more frustrating than having your eyewear fog up. This also can be a safety issue, since it limits your ability to see until the fog clears.

Anti-reflective coatings allow more light to filter through your lenses. Sunlight can oftentimes creep through the top and sides of your glasses, reflect off the backside your lenses, and right into your eyes. By adding an anti-reflective coating on the backside of your sunglasses, sunlight travels through the lenses instead of bouncing into your eyes, that save you from backside glare. That's why, usually don’t prefer anti-reflective coating on the front side of lens. It also helps prevent you  to see your own eye in back of the lenses.

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