In Norse mythology, “Thor” is the thunder god and a protector. Son of Odin This is the best eyecare product for sun. Easy to modify and use by everyone even if you have prescription lenses. “Thor” will protect you
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“Thor” will protect you all . Half optical half Sunglass , perfect hybrid

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Main Specifications

fRAME: 24K Gold Plated, Titanium, Durable and Lightweight

LENSES: HD Polarized, Hydrophobic and AR Coated Lenses, Perfect Sight, Resistance to Dust, Fog, Scratch and Grease

Accessories: Handmade wooden box, Leather Hard case , Microfiber Soft Case, Microfiber Wiping Cloth

Personal Note: Laser engraved note inside of temple. Length can be up to 18 character. Font size and type will modify accordingly

Special treatments: TAILORIZING AND NIKON LENS are optional. Needed to specify as add on

Tailorizing: Customizing frames specifically with your face measures, Consultancy to develop best frame for you, in line with your lifestyle, eyewear needs and expectations. Some tailoring details: frame shape, temple shape, frame material, frame color , special lens treatments , lens color, pattern or  decoration on frame, if preferred jewellarizing, 3D demonstration

Nikon Lens: All coatings are available, you can specify as any or all

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